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Featured Artist Suruchi Jamkar

Featured Artist-Suruchi Jamkar

A traveller at soul, and an explorer at heart, Suruchi Jamkar and her works talk so much about her, and her personality.

The boldness of women in her paintings is depicted through their postures, portraits, expressions and even through their attires. Suruchi tells us, "In my paintings I make the women wear turbans. It symbolizes the 'thinking mode of the mind'. My women take their own decisions; take on what life throws at them on their own terms".

Suruchi Jamkar-Artzolo


Suruchi has travelled extensively through Ladakh, Rajasthan, Europe, South and East Asia and to many unrecognised parts of India. Her shows and exhibits depict 'the artist's journey into the human psyche and her relation with life' as said by the artist herself.

Her paintings depict exploration and the urge to find out the new, and experience the old. They have a meticulous quality of subtle dreams swevering through her canvas. Her canvas is her platform to showcase what she really thinks of the places she travels, of the people she meets and of the many moments that she has lived and experienced in the diverging journeys that she has taken.

Suruchi Jamkar- Artzolo


The artworks depict the wanderer spirit of the artist and her travels. Her works are like her journal, they bring out her emotions, her nature, her choices and perhaps somewhere even her fears and unattained dreams. She tries to bring out the agitations and also the thrill of being out in the world and exploring the dynamics and various dimensions in the world.

Suruchi Jamkar- Artzolo


Her paintings possess the power to bring out the best imagery of the external world. Human impressions, expressions and the mystries of human mind remain some of her favorite themes to personify in her paintings. Suruchi has always been keen on manifesting her deep inner self through her paintings and it is pretty evident in the way her colors and proportions come out in the paintings.

See more of her works:

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