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16 Fabulous Gift Ideas for Art Lovers

Online Gift Ideas for Art Lovers by

Here are some unique gift ideas for those with an artsy bend.

Lovers of art look for a touch of creativity, color, form and style in everything around them. They have a keen eye for design, technique and are usually emotional about the stuff they possess. If you know someone who is an art connoisseur and appreciates art in all its forms, you might have to go that extra mile to find them a gift they will cherish. Look for things that are unique, make a statement and of course, have a touch of creativity. We scouted the market for some gifting ideas for those with an artistic incline. Check them out here:


1. Sempli Crystal Clear Liquor Glasses

This beautiful set of glasses is sure to leave anyone awestruck with their unique stemless construction that creates a swirling rotation when set down. This rotation assists the oxygenation of the spirits and enhances the sensory experience imbibing the drink besides being a beautiful piece of design.

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2. Alessi Juicer by Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck is a favourite of design aficionados around the world because he manages to make design and function meet beautifully. A good example of that is this juicer by him that he designed while lunching on the Amalfi Coast. First produced in 1990, this squeezer is as controversial as many of Starck's other designs. Celebrating form over function, this work of art for the kitchen, ranks among the greats of modern design with a place in the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

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3. Tivoli Audio Solution

A traditional radio serving modern requirements, this gorgeous piece of technology is a perfect gift for those like to bond of over art and superior quality music. Buy it here

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4. A stay at Le Sutra, India's first art hotel

Le Sutra is much more than a hotel. It's a one of a kind museum of permanent art in where people can stay. Each and every room in this hotel is uniquely designed with work from 120 painters, 40 sculptors and 15 designers lending an artistic touch to each of its elements including walls, floors, furniture and more. Located in the heart of Mumbai - Bandra, a stay here is worth an experience for every art lover.

Find out more about it here and make a reservation:


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5. Hoi Polloi Box clutch:

For an elegant lady, her handbag speaks volumes about her taste. This pink hoi polloi print rectangular box clutch in polyester satin base with faux leather trim detailing is a good pick for someone bold and beautiful.

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6. Joey & Pooh turban headband:

Stylish headgear is one of the essentials for an art enthusiast. This navy and coral turban head band with beads hand stitched on a tulip design from Joey & Pooh is a good pick for those looking to make a statement.

Buy it here


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7. Vamma 3D Printer Pen for 3D Drawing

For all those who have tried to draw in thin air, this is a perfect gift! This 3-D pen replaces ink with plastic, allows one to draw in air, create 3D objects and bring art ideas to reality with user friendly functions. Its easy-to-control extrusion speed, temperature and filament technology makes it a great pick for the imagination kings and queens.

Go grab it now here


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8. ID Bookends by Mukul Goyal

Pushing the boundaries of knowledge, these adorable book ends in chromed brass and black steel are an adorable gift. Goyal has floored way too many people with his fabulous, close to real life designs for everyday objects and is sure to please anyone with a fine taste for design.

Get it here


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9. Printed Jutti by Mojari Flake or Mace Indigo Paaduks For Men

These could be a great gift for those who relate style with quirk. The flat cushioned leather juttis by Mojari Flake with a fun black and white print on satin are sure to add an element of fun to any woman's shoe closet. The Paaduks made in upcycled rubber, breathable cotton lining and natural, vegan Indigo cotton printed fabric on top are a great way to add style to a man's closet.

Get them here: and


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10. Puppet Wall Clock by Mad(e) In Indiaa

Mad(e) in Indiaa is a brand about India which celebrates the quirks, the colours, the rich cultural extravaganza, the diverse, and the mystical identity of India and its people. This eclectic clock with colourful puppet imagery replacing the numbers is a funky gift for those who like to stay true to their soil.

Buy it here


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11. Cork coasters by Mad Cap

Inspired by traditional jewellery patterns, these bright and colourful coasters are perfect to add an artsy touch to evenings. Created with cork, they are highly durable and water resistant.

Buy them here


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12. Bird Valley cushion from Gulmohar Lane

Gulmohar Lane's Tranquil Garden collection of furnishings are for those with a fine taste for representative nature art. The high definition printing on fine linen gives it a close-to-reality painting effect that is sure to be appreciated by those who love nature and art alike.

Get it here


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13. Colour wheel artist watch

Designed by HeartInHand, this custom timepiece is a style statement. A great finish with a sleek design, this watch is a perfect gift for the fashion conscious who understand the value of time!

Get it here


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14. Soundwall Speakers

No one combines art and music as beautifully as Soundwall. Pick a piece or art from their collection (or send them your own!) and they will make it a speaker for you. Isn't that the coolest thing in the world? There is no art lover who wouldn't freak out on this one!

Want to add a cooler quotient? Opt for their chalkboard speaker that allows one to chalk a new art work every day! It can't get better than this!

Shop here


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15. Yournelo Camera Pencil Organiser

Add a touch of retro to your art lovers collection with this beautifully finished camera pencil organiser (can be used for brushes too!) made from unbreakable resin. The shipping might be heavy, but it's worth the wait!

Ship it from here


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16. Jay Fleck's owl series

Designer Jay Flack's owl series is something every art lover would admire. The fine lines, the expression and the beautiful colours and their overlaps make theses a lovely gift for an art lover. You can choose from their cushion covers, t-shirts or phone covers. Shipping could be a bummer here too! But maybe you can figure out a way?

Worth a try:


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