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A crazy for Art Artzolo com

artzolo.com a new way to discover art

Why did we change?

It is said that change is constant. Change is for good. Change is something that drives us forward. It makes us new and unique. As the Indian art market matures it is being embraced by young buyers. More young and well informed people are turning into buyers. They are crazy for art, just like we are. They can go anywhere for art. As buying art uplifts their thoughts and intellectuality. Buying art engenders in them feelings of victory, cultural superiority and social distinction. It is even said that art fills them with a spiritual void. It gives them a 'high'. And we have changed for them. We believe that Picasso or Monalisa or any other form of art should not only be the property of the privileged few. Rather they should make everyone's living room artistic. We believe that art should be for all. We believe in democratization of art. And this belief is well accentuated in our motto - 'Art for all, All for art'. Hence we have changed to a "crazy"Artzolo.com

How are we NEW?

So how are we new?

  • A new crazy logo with passionate colors (red and green) that reinforce our belief and love for art.


  • New look for the website to embrace the art lover in you (Show homepage screenshot)
  • New features like "follow your favorite artist", custom prints on canvas http://bit.ly/18tUMo3, the new wall upload feature https://bit.ly/1wofVvt , filters to narrow down your search for that perfect painting and many more.

Artzolo.com is a perfect destination for all your art needs. Be it buying paintings online, purchasing crafts, or adding decor products to your living room, our wide range of products serve to your requirements. What is even more amazing is that we ship worldwide!

Check out the new and feel free to share your feedback in the comment section below or on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/theartzolo)

About Us

Discover the world of art & craft with ArtZolo.com. ArtZolo.com is an online marketplace that helps art collectors/lovers and enthusiasts to buy and sell art with ease from any part of the world. ArtZolo.com caters to original art (art investment), sculpture, digital prints, craft, home decor and many more. Explore our online art gallery and grab your choice of painting or portraits or craft. Read More


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