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Gifting Art

Art as a gifting option

Gifting is not just an exchange of physical objects and Art is not just a physical object. Gifts are an integral part of any relationship, be it personal, social or professional. We gift, not just on special occasions but also to show appreciation or reward someone. We gift on meeting or on parting, for sharing or as memory, we gift to motivate, to show love and concern, we gift for luck... and sometimes we gift without any reason at all, just to bring someone some joy and surprise. In any case, if there is one thing to keep in mind, is that a gift must be thoughtful. It is pointless to spend time, money and effort on something that may be of no use or significance to the receiver's life.

Art, and by art I do not mean just expensive original paintings, but small theme-based, color-based paintings, art-prints and artefacts, soulfully, thoughtfully and creatively created, could not just appeal to an eye but also touch a heart. It would not just match the color of your wall but also the theme of your room. It could simply be a piece of beautiful work or could speak the words of your heart you never really could express. Art makes you see, reminisce, imagine, appreciate; Art exposes your inner mind. 

      Trendy Art                                Musician Art

      For the Trendy                                                                         For the musician

Not everyone is a painter and not everyone feels they understand art but the beauty of art lies in its simplicity. The meaning of a painting is exactly how the viewer perceives it. The artists wants you to find your own meaning in every creation. The Monalisa looks in the eye at anyone who looks at her. Thus every painting, once closely in your view, talks to you and becomes your own.

Spirtual Art             Transportation Art             

              For the Traveller   


For the Spiritual     

 Children Art               Nature Paintings

 For the Empathiser                                                         For the nature lover                                                                                     

  Monsoon Art

For the thoughtful


Gifting art, therefore, becomes thoughtful and personalised.


Buddha Paintings                      Ganesha Paintings                     Handicrafts     

      For the Peaceful                                                            For the 'Ganesh Bhakt'                                                                                For the book lover

Art also, unlike popular belief, is not all expensive and unaffordable. But yes, Art is a status symbol. Art has high perceived value. Thus making the gift more appreciated.

A painting or art print will adorn the walls for a while keeping alive the memory of the gift or reward rather than something being dumped in the recycle bin!

And for those who understand art or make an effort to beautify their homes, offices and walls around them... there is no better gift than artwork! 

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