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The Play of Mother Nature by Prasanna Gunturi

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A tree almost uprooted due to Vardah, resting on two limbs (through human intervention), appearing to balance its branches on other trees, in total harmony and peace with nature around ... On one side, I could see the the aftermath of nature's fury and on the other side resilience, balance, harmony, serenity! Conflicting thoughts ran through my mind and ...eventually they quietened and I felt humbled - the inexplicable play of Mother Nature! Maa tujhe salaam!

About the artist:


Hmmm...I spent a better part of my life believing that I had not a single artistic bone or muscle in me. Not creative. Not artisitic. Not talented enough. Ad then I happened to come across the book "Drawing from the Right Side of your Brain" by Betty Edwards. And yes, I followed the instructions and actually sketched an indentifiable man on a horse! I bravely followed this up by attending pencil drawing and oil painting classes! I consider myself a beginner beginner exploring my own world of creativity....

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