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Neem Circle by Srinivasan R

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Artwork details


This work seeks to just capture the natural environment as it appears in view. Bathed in natural light and shaded by its own branches leaping into the skies, as well as the surrounding trees, the Neem Circle is a welcoming, meeting, waiting, playing area or simply a place to gather thoughts.

About the artist:


A once curious dabbler in monochromes, I’m now beginning to explore the enchanting world of watercolor. Growing up, I’ve always loved sketching and have expressed myself more through pencils and later a bit with charcoals. After a long hiatus of over 25 years – where my tryst with brushes stayed around appreciating the strokes of others – the Art initiative with a purpose gave me the reason to restart the art journey. The Neem circle, with its light and dark shades is my first detailed sketch in over 30 years. The other watercolors are a foray into a fluid world of colors that has always attracted me.

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