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Copper Pod - The Deciduous by Sindhuja K

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Artwork details


This artwork represents the Copper Pod tree which is deciduous - falling off at maturity. The word ‘deciduous’ in a general sense means dropping of a part that is no longer needed. As students of life, we need to learn to drop what is no longer necessary in the process of learning

About the artist:


I , Sindhuja, am an amateur in the world of artists.This will be my first art for the external world. All my drawings and paintings so far has been a lever for me to unwind at some stage in life. What inspires me to create artwork is my curiousness and passion. I inspire myself with my own experiences. I just explore and enjoy everything and feel that art is an adventure. I am still in the process of learning to bring out the true representation of what I imagine. I am hoping to continue this journey until I love doing it.

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